tangled wires

HELLO. My name is Cassandra.

But you can call me Cassi.
As a child in a pickle, I often heard "Cassandra Heather!"
I also answer to Queen Cassiopeia...makes me feel like royalty.
You pick.

Regardless of the name I'm called, I have to answer to my clients. I thrive on providing each and ever one with high quality work. I've been successfully designing for print and web for the past 16 years.

I started out working as a graphic designer at American Crew. There I created packaging and a wide range of promotional materials that helped to spread the popularity of grooming products that cater to men. I gained more experience with an amazingly talented team at a small ad agency in Denver: Ellen Bruss Design, aka EBD. My work at EBD ranged from logos and brochures for small businesses to environmental graphics for restaurants and shopping centers.

I ventured out on my own and created Westmarch Design Studio 14 years ago. I specialize in providing small businesses and organizations a wide range of marketing solutions.